About Meridian Afterburn

If you remember my car as it used to be, you’re in for a surprise! I finally got the big ticket item on my wish list… a VR6 conversion! Yes, I know have one of the few Cabrio VR6s on the road. My objective was to keep its appearance as stock as possible. Can you tell the difference? VR6 conversion work by Eastside Motorsports. Previous work by VW Sport/1552 Design.

Meridian Afterburn

Car’s Name Meridian Afterburn II
Purchase Date October 23, 1996
Last Modification Date August 26, 2001
Engine 2.8 liter VR6 conversion
Neuspeed P-Chip
Neuspeed P-Flo with K&N filtercharger
Transmission 5 speed (conversion)
Exhaust Neuspeed cat-back with dual tips
Suspension Neuspeed Sport Springs
Spax non-adjustable shocks
Neuspeed upper strut tie bar
Wheels and Tires Stock 15″ Golf GTI wheels
Dunlop D60 A2 195/60R15 tires
5-lug conversion
Brakes All-disc big brakes
Sound System Stock
Lighting Stock, with added fog lights and European switch
Miscellaneous Silver-dial cluster
Front end and full car cover (not shown)
Wish List Body cleanup (dings pulled and scratches buffed out)
New wheels (16″ or 17″) and tires
24 valve? Turbo? Hmm…