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Tuesday, February 24th, 1998

20,000 miles and counting… sorry I haven’t updated in a while. Thanks for all the lovely email! I just love the fact that we VW owners are so friendly. Anyone else out there who waves at other VW owners when they’re out driving?

Anyway, I’m actually a bit past 20,000 miles. The car, bunny, and myself are doing fine. Oh, bunny is a little rabbit that’s hanging from the rear-view mirror. Poor bunny’s looking tired though! The car is in fine form… just had an oil change last week. Finally got a new CD-changer installed too… and that just makes everything rock.
VW Club

And I hope all of you VW owners out there have joined the VW Club! I did, and then went to the Volkstoberfest in Morgantown, PA. It was a blast! I love our little newsletter.

So what does everyone think of the New Beetle? Personally, I’m very into it. But then again, I suppose that I would be (you did read my story, didn’t you?). A little pricey, admittedly, and with car payments now I can’t get one right away, but in a year or two… probably. They’re so cute!!! Anyway, I’d have to wait for the VR6. *smile*