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Ride of the Month

Friday, March 1st, 2002

My car is RawNRG Motorsports‘ ride of the month! Woo hoo!

Before and After

Tuesday, August 21st, 2001

Such a beautiful sight… and she’s all mine!

Engine Before: 2.0L 4-cylinder

Engine After: 2.8L VR6!


Friday, October 29th, 1999

Happy Birthday to Meridian! That’s right, my car’s third birthday just passed. What, you don’t celebrate your car’s birthday? Shame, shame! A nice birthday party was had, with cupcakes and all. After passing the 45,000 mark, I took Meridian to VW Sport/1552 Design for some more mods. It was a wonderful weekend!

And almost as if VW were following me around, documenting my life and celebrating my car and my friends and the fun we have in my Cabrio, the new Cabrio commercial has been released! It’s a celebration of those times when you’d rather do nothing more than enjoy a drive on a beautiful night with good friends, good music, and a starry sky lit by a Pink Moon (music by Nick Drake – highly recommended!).

DriversFest ’99 – What a blast!

Saturday, September 4th, 1999

Saturday, August 28th was the big day — and what a day it was! Beautiful weather, happy people, snazzy cars, fun and music… Volkswagen really planned it all. I can’t wait for next year’s event… wherever it may be!

If you were in attendance, send me an email and let me know! And even if you weren’t, email me anyway!

Here are a few pics of my car at the event… next to a newer (and un-modified) Cabrio:

Two Cabrios - Front View

Two Cabrios - Rear View

Two Cabrios - Side View


Sunday, August 22nd, 1999

Well, the year is more than half over, and no updates from me! Bad me! Lots has happened though…

My bumper was fixed in early March… in May someone backed into me and scuffed the left corner of the bumper and car, unfortunately. It’s not too noticable… except to me, of course. *sigh* Guess I just have bad luck with bumpers!

In June I moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia — home of 1552 Design/VW Sport! Needless to say, my car has visited them a few times since June. A new suspension came first, then a p-chip, new tires this week. My car is enjoying all of the attention, naturally. So am I. *wink*

Post-VW Sport treatment

Post-VW Sport treatment

I also bought some VW accessories for my car — the windstop and the front end cover. I’ve not put the cover on yet, but I’ve found the windstop to make the top-down driving experience so much more pleasant. It’s especially effective at speeds over 60 mph… which for me, of course, is slow…

I’m already close to the 42,000 mile mark, so it’s quite possible that my car will travel 15,000 miles in a year’s time. There have been numerous trips between PA and VA, of course, plus another journey to Canada. Always fun.

Now that I’ve just found a new job, I suppose I won’t be working for Volkswagen any time soon, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t! Volkswagen of America has finally created an online job posting area, so check it out!

DriversFest’99 is next weekend! Will you be there? I hope so! Tons of fun for all. I can’t wait!